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The title of this post inspired by this article . It was written by . He and i had worked together in some projects at Icehouse . He is one of the best engineer, leader, manager i've ever know. :D

Well, Today is my last day in Icehouse . I have worked there for 1 year 5 month. The great pleasure i can work there, because Icehouse is the Good Company with Good Environment. Icehouse like a course, we can learn many things about The Good Software Engineering Process. Everyday, I don't feel lazy to come to office even thought it Monday. Work in Icehouse it's Free, Fun and Flexible. I often come to the office with wearing T-shirts, Short Pants and Sandals.

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Basically Icehouse likes other company that have weaknesses, But i believe that is can be fixed in the future.

It's hard to leave, but it's the right time. was said "Another huge opportunity in in the horizon" :D. was introduced about his product to me, The product is Happy5 , a kind of HR (Human Resources) App. I think it product it's good and profitable. He was gavs offer to me for join with his Startup. For me this is a big opportunity, beacause actually i really want to join the product Startup. For some reasons, Finally i taking this opportunity, I will be starting work at my new position in Happy5 on February.

Thank you all. And Keep In Touch.